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An Introduction

This project had been conceptualized by Robonix® innovator team in late 2005 & is mentoring by two pioneer Indian companies Herdj Tmi Technologies &
                                The unique idea of Affordable Robotics Learning is the major strength working behind the popularity of this project among Indian students.  In today’s scenario robotics education is very expensive matter due to it's high cost involvement of robotic kits & teaching fees and because of these financial constraints the affordability of this subject is restricted to very few students only against their paying capacities. Now an important question raises “What about the rest of students those not only have strong learning desire about this subject but also have strong capabilities & can prove their metal if provided with facilities in their respective paying powers.
                                In order to achieve Affordable Robotics goal, Robonix® India has not only invented very low cost & innovative NIX series of robotic kits but also has incorporated zero training fees to facilitate students with excellent opportunity to make their dreams true.. 
                                Robonix® workshop serves a win-win ideology for both engineering colleges/schools & students as where colleges/schools need not to take any financial burden against robotics specialist hiring & expensive robotics equipments, kit purchases & other hand students will get this facility almost at zero cost.

Necessity of Robotics Education

The robotic industry is seen by some economic forecasters as the next boom industry, similar to the IT boom in 2000. The growth of the robotic industry is a view point which is also shared by leaders of the engineering community.  Currently robots play a major role in manufacturing assembly lines, whilst developing useful roles assisting with medical procedures, surveillance, search and rescue operation, defense applications, underwater & space exploration.

Now the question rises, Why robotic study is so important in today's education system?
The answer is simple "Robots will play a major role in the future, so it is important we should prepare the current generation of students"
In order to understand the impact on overall growth of students. We conducted certain robotic classes by adopting sample of 35 nos of students from few schools in New Delhi, India & the results were remarkable.

When used properly in schools the robots form the basis of a cross curriculum activity, an ideal resource that can be used to teach:
 Mathematics; (spatial concepts and geometry),
• Scientific principles (particularly Physics), 
• Design & Technology; (electronics, sensors and actuators)
• ICT (computer programming).

When robots are used as educational tools “students stop being passive targets of teaching methods and become active learning subjects, showing initiative, independence, and a drastic reduction in their learning time”.
robots are used in the classroom, students usually work in small groups of 2 to 4 students per robot. This encourages the development of basic communication and inter-personal skills. The ability to collaborate and convey complex ideas to a fellow students or colleagues is an important skill that is seen as essential by modern employers.

The use of robots in the classroom subconsciously introduces students to possible career paths they may well have never considered. Engineering principles, such as electrical, mechanical, and chemical, as well as IT skills are required to successfully complete a robotic based project.

This workshop will provide school students a base to robotics. They will learn to control the robots using normal electrical concepts.
This workshop will focus on developing robots using common sense and switches. The workshop focuses on Computer operations, Geomatery & Basic mathmatic concepts.
This workshop will provide school students a base to robotics. They will learn to control the robots using normal electrical concepts and their mobile phones. They will be developing their own models by their own hands. The main idea of Junior is to introduce students with the technological world&inspire them about Robotics. 
Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in minds the methodologies and interest between the students. More over the workshop fouces about Industry demands & students future course of actions related to their career
In this workshop, the students will gain hands-on experience on the wireless Technology i.e. Radio Frequency Control. Most of the toys are now days implementing this technology just for fun. This workshop will guide the students to use the technology in the productive manner. They can build their very own custom instructions for the Robot.
Robonix®, India is acting like a bridge between students & technology. Now world is heading towards an era where it is necessary & must to make understand today's youth about the emerging technologies live around them. So most of our training incorporated application oriented approach. Our state-of-art training programs are complying with educational & industry standards in Sensing, Motion & Controlling applications.
Skill Development Program
Robonix®, India is offering a number of skill development programs to enhance industrial knowledge among professionals & students. 
  • Automation Learning Program (ALP)
  • T&M Instrument Training
  • Robotics Learning Program
  • Industrial Automation Program
  • Electronics Learning Program
  • IT Learning Program
  • Student Projects &  Guidance

Our prime objective is to provide skilled manpower to support the vast development training programs being implemented in the country. In turn, it enable us to establish, promote and propagate Education programs, thereby providing the right kind of professionals and skilled personals required by the industry & corporate sector.
Robonix®, India has come up with an idea of "Distance Learning Program". To achieve this goal we have designed NIX series of Robotic Kits for students those who eager to learn robotic in their own home environment. The NIX series kits help students & hobbyists to learn robotic concepts in very easy manner with step-by-step guidelines provided with the NIX kits. These kits are available to students at special educational discounts.
ROBONIX eSTORE is a young dynamic & Business to Consumer concept based company. TechShop4U™ is a unique B2C store to facilitate Industrial & Educational customers with one-stop for all their technology needs right from T&M, IT, Robotics & Homoffiz Security.

Career Oriented Training
Robonix®, India has come up with an idea of "Career Orientation Program" for Freshers & registered members. Fresh Students can avail numerous benefits toward their career goals by joining hands with us. Our offered program mythology is "Learn & Earn"
  • Career Opportunities for Freshers
  • Enhance Your Technical Knowledge
  • Enhance Your Technical Skills
  • Internship Training Programs
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Free Drive mean?
It is 100% free for students & it does not include or charge any tuition fees from students.

How to enroll for "Free Robotic Workshop"?
Simply email to us the details of interested Student's with their  respective email Ids, contact nos etc. via their School Principal  or College/Department's Head
What will be the size of one Workshop?
Minimum 30-40 Nos of students should be in a single workshop.
What will be the Workshop Duration?
The duration of these workshops will be based on the opted workshop module. So it is like 8/15/30/60/90 days Eight days properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions.
Where Robotic workshop will conduct?
These workshops can be arranged in School labs/ College labs or Student's Residence.

How the students will get answers of their queries after completion of workshop?
Most queries will be satisfied during the workshop hours but still Robonix instructors are available to students over phone, email & even experts will make a regular planed visit to School/ Institute.

What are the additional benefits to students?
Robonix, India can setup a Free Robotic Lab in school so the students can have convenient access. 

What is the basic infrastructure is needed for Workshop?
Individual participant should have his/her own Robotic kit & access to Laptops or PCs, Projector

How participating students will get their Robotic Kits?
The robotic learning kits are available for students at educational discount & it can either be buy directly from us or from online eStore
Buy Robo Kits'n'Spares Here
About Us

Robonix®, India has initiated a free drive to spread robotic knowledge across Indian students through our innovative project "Imagination-To-Reality" The major idea behind this project is Affordable Robotics Learning. Under this project students will get the chance to experience & expand their knowledge in the field of robotics designs via mechanical designing, software, computer operations, and also learn different application areas of Robot with real time hand on practical experience. Robonix  conducts various robotic workshops in schools & engineering institutes across India. Students from Indian schools or colleges can enroll free for these workshops. Students from  India can buy our state-of-art "Do-It-Yourself" robotics kits & robotics spares through  our on-line partner eStore "". We at Robonix, India do under take School & College robotics lab setup & maintenance projects. Our present project "A Free Drive For Students" is running under association with our project partners Herdj Tmi Technologies & 

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